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I'm a millennial. My life, as far as I can really remember it, has been full of the internet, social media, instant gratification, lack of human communication and the ability to order whatever food I want at whatever time I want it. But, my life has also always been about dance and more recently dance education. 

The day the two elements above coincided, was the day I honestly became worried about the future of dance.

Dance is not about being 'picked out to be filmed for Instagram', master teachers are not 13 years old, the enjoyment and success of an event shouldn't rely on the amount of followers you have or the brand of your dancewear; I could go on. Dance events should celebrate the community of dance, allow all dancers whatever level to go home freshly inspired with new ideas to help them progress continually throughout the years.

Maybe 1% of the young dancers in this country will go on to pursue professional performing careers, but the skills that they learn within dance environments will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

And that is why, Amplify was born and why Amplify continues to thrive. 

An event that will take place nationwide, offering dancers of all levels and experience the chance to amplify their current training with new ideas and skills in a immersive and inspiring environment with masterclasses from teachers renowned for their phenomenal ability to teach.

Hype is over-rated but SUBSTANCE prevails

Trends die out, TRAINING is infinite.

Dance isn't about clones, it's about ARTISTS

In the iconic words of Whitney Houston...

'I believe the children are our future, 

teach them well, and let them lead the way.'

My team and I look forward to welcoming you 

to events on our third season of Amplify


Director of Amplify Dance Events

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