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What is your Covid19 Policy?

Amplify will only go ahead when it is safe and legal to do so, you can book with confidence knowing that should an event be cancelled due to the pandemic you will receive a full refund. When an event is able to go ahead hygiene and safety protocols will be paramount to our running of events. 


Is there a standard required or audition to attend your events?

No, we are a completely inclusive event for all types and standards of dancers. Collaboration and elevation is our main focus and we believe that any dancer who wants the opportunity to learn and puts themselves outside their comfort zone should be celebrated. 

How will you split the dancers at your events? 

All of our workshops will be split by age. We have four groups. Upon purchase of a ticket you will be asked for your dancers date of birth, and much like a dance festival and competition groups will be allocated upon arrival. Our age groups are usually 6-9years, 10-12years, 13 and 14 years and 15but as we like to make sure our groups are evenly split the age categories may alter depending on ticket sales. 

Is Amplify a dance convention? 

Well, you see, in the UK, the word 'convention' has been blurred slightly with that of trade shows and competitions. Our mantra is to create a dance event where the main focus is the dancing and the skills learnt from the masterclasses. 

Why is Amplify more expensive than other dance events on the market? 

Amplify offers one set fee with no additional extras so in reality we think that you will spend less at an Amplify event than you do other events as there will be no shopping opportunities or photos to buy, classes to pay for or competitions to enter. We are also priding ourselves in only using venues created especially for dancers with facilities to offer safe dance training as well as capping classes to allow growth from all students attending. Our faculty are some of the best in the country and I'm sure you understand that they should be paid what they deserve in order to maintain their desire to work for young people. Our masterclasses are also full length at 1 hour 15 minutes.


Will you be adding further locations?

For our 2021/2022 season we will be just visiting the five stated locations, but we are hoping to expand in further seasons. If you know of a venue or a location where you'd like Amplify to visit be sure to send us a message!

Will your faculty be the same throughout the whole tour?

YES! We believe our faculty have something special to share and therefore want every dancer at every location to be exposed to the same skills and masterclasses. If for any reason a faculty member cannot attend a representative chosen to continue their teaching method will be sourced. 

My dancer isn't very good at tap, do they have to do that class?

At Amplify we like to say 'do one thing a day that scares you' and our teachers are aware there will be all different levels present. Tap is so important for musicality and rhythm development and we'd love for them to join in, however if they are adamant they're not going to tap then we won't force them. Instead they can attend a class twice with the age category one below them.

Can we swap groups?

Unfortunately not, we believe that dancers should be split by age so that the classes can be suited with age appropriateness. We understand that dancers are different levels at different ages but this can be differentiated in the class by our teachers, we do not agree that young dancers should be dancing things that are unsuitable for their age. Should a dancer specifically want to dance with their friend a dancer can move down an age group. No group movement will be made after 1 week before the event due to risk assessments being sent. 

Can I watch my son or daughter dance?

All our event venues have facilities for parents to wait but we won't be allowing parents or observers into our classes mainly for the reason that we want our dancers to feel as comfortable as possible without any pressure. All staff and event faculty are DBS and First Aid Trained. 

I'm 21 and in full time training, can I attend your event? 

As long as you don't mind dancing with 15 year olds, then we'd love to welcome any dancer who wants to expand their knowledge or training to our events!

Do you have a teachers class?

We don't have a specific teachers class but we had a lot of teachers come join in our senior groups in previous season - we'd love to have you!

Do you have any merchandise? 

We have one item! And that's our Amplify sweatshirt! There available to buy online prior to the event with your ticket or at the venues. 

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