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giving dancers responsibility

A pre-professional,  still in training, who has been bought up with Rosina and Sam's teaching method. Rory assists within masterclasses, tours and events. 

Rory's professional CV includes Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda, London's Westend and Edgar in Ragtime, Regents Park Open Air Theatre. He also won NUVO Senior Breakout artist in Boston, USA in February 2018. 

Rory's passion and drive as well as mature understanding about the additional elements that create a successful performer allow him to be objective and professional at all Rosina Andrews Method events. He is an inspiration to all that he meets; much can be learnt from the younger generation.

​Rosina is a huge advocate of mentoring and training the next generation. Within workshops, her assistants are not there to demonstrate but to assist with the running and sharing of knoweldge for the attendees.

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